Who’s the best AI provider for small businesses?

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Who's The Best AI Provider For Small Businesses?

1 CRITICAL MISTAKE to avoid when choosing AN AI PROVIDER

Small business and artificial intelligence don’t play along well yet. Or at least, that’s what many say.


But is it?


Is there a way to use Artificial Intelligence today and put it to work in your business?


If so, who’s the best AI provider for small businesses?


To answer that question, first, you need to know what goal are you looking to achieve in your business.


If you don’t get this right, all your planning will go down the window, and your time and resources will be wasted.

In this article, we will be focusing on the possibilities of using Artificial Intelligence in your small business to get more customers. Is called AI managed marketing.


If you need other specific uses of Artificial Intelligence for your company, we recommend that you download our handbook “The 7 Applications of AI” for further reference.
Aimed for small companies business leaders, it quickly helps you understand how companies use AI.


So, to determine who are the best AI companies, we first need to evaluate the approach that companies big and small take to implement AI.  A mistake at this  juncture can be deadly for your company.

At a higher-level view, there are two main approaches to using AI marketing:

  • Enterprises: They develop an in-house AI team for R+D and proprietary solutions.

  • Small Companies: Take an already battle-tested AI integrated solution explicitly created for SMB

Let’s see how these two approaches fare in the real world.


Enterprise Favorite Solution: In-house AI team. (Proprietary solutions)

This approach requires a massive amount of investment. First, you need to hire an AI team, which is not cheap.

Then wait and hope and pray that they will get you the results that you need for your business services.


Clearly, this approach is not a realistic implementation of AI technologies for small and medium businesses.


But, imagine for a minute that you do have those resources.


Will that guarantee you results? Will that investment turn into better marketing, more customers, and growth?


According to the 2019 MIT Sloan Management Review and (BCG), in their “Artificial Intelligence Global Executive Study and Research Report”:

 “Many AI initiatives fail. Seven out of 10 companies surveyed report minimal or no impact from AI so far.


 “70 percent say that there have been no or minimal gains achieved.”


 What does this mean?

It means that the companies and every business that have jumped in with this approach to apply AI have not gained profits nor grow.

The ROI coming out of those projects are lackluster.

Their mistake?

Many companies focus on using the coolest AI techniques, instead of using solutions that are already created, tested, and proven.


Why would you invest in something knowing in advance that you will hardly get a return? It doesn’t make sense, right?

Is There A Smarter, Proven Way That Uses AI Without Massive Investments? One That Brings In More

New Customers And ROI?

Yes, there is.

By using the second approach. Leveraging on a solution already created and proven. An AI and machine learning solution for marketing that many small business owners can profit on.

Here are the differences between the two approaches:

Does this approach make more sense for a small business?


Then, how can I use that AI powered solution to grow my company? And what results can I expect?

What Results Can I Expect From The Artificial Intelligence?

In aggregated data from all of our clients, two metrics stand out.

Results on advertising.

When you spend money on advertising, you expect your budget to create a return on that investment. Most of the businesses use a marketing company to manage their budget in places like Google Ads or Facebook Ads.

How does our AI compare to a top professional managing your advertising campaigns?

In every 9 out of 10 times, using intelligence AI, we outperform a professional marketer.



In ROI and profits terms, the Flycer solution generates an average of 2.4X profits compared to 1.4X earnings of a regular marketing agency.

What does this mean?

It means that Flycer’s artificial intelligence gets better results on advertising. Depending on your advertising goals, it means:

  • More visits to your store.
  • Or clicks to your offer or website.
  • More online sales (if you sell online)
  • Or more forms completed (Sales leads).

Why? Because it is more efficient with your budget. An Artificial Intelligence takes decisions in milliseconds, which prevents overspending. It optimizes for producing results for you at a lower cost, resulting in creating more returns with the same budget.


Another outcome is that you can see results in weeks, not months or years. The implementation is quick, as is already developed and in production in many other small businesses. Once the Artificial Intelligence gathers enough data of your preferred customers, you start seeing results almost immediately.

    What’s the first step to leverage ai in my business?

    We recommend you to visit our AI technology readiness Quiz to know if it makes sense implementing AI using Flycer’s solution.


    You need AI tools for your small business tailored to a modest budget. And you need to see real returns on your hard-earned marketing dollars.


    At Flycer, we created an AI for small business marketing with those requirements in mind. If you need help getting to your sales goals this year, contact us and hear the possibilities for your business.

    take the quiz

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    Does marketing AI replace a marketing strategy?
    No. An excellent small business strategy is essential to make businesses leverage AI and get consistent marketing results.

    Although digital marketing trends, and some hyped marketing services come and go, your marketing efforts need to be led by a good marketing plan.

    Small businesses leverage AI correctly when they have a solid online presence and use that business intelligence to reach advertising channels proficiently.

    Are there many tech providers that offer solutions for SMB?

    Not too many at this point. all the leading efforts are focused on providing consulting services to large, rather than small companies. They are powered by high budgets. A few startups and cloud solutions offer analytics, financial capabilities. But in most cases, big brands like Amazon, and Fortune Top 500 are the ones to adopt and invest in Artificial intelligence. That’s why Flycer companies that don’t have those deep pockets.

    What about other companies that advertise products with inbuilt AI?

    Many companies feature AI in their solutions. Quickbooks, salesforce and others, for example, implemented some features into their cloud platforms. They can do that because they work with a multitude of small companies that have data. All that data aggregated, is analyzed to uncover insights and automate tasks. That, in turn, is helping them to improve their products, security and deploy new features. At Flycer we concentrate in using AI exclusively to generate more sales and customers through marketing.

    Is Flycer's solution affordable?

    Yes. Here’s why: Any AI initiative requires heavy spending and is only accessible to big and midsize companies. The operational hurdles become apparent later on, depending on the industry. We have a more general approach. We designed our models and services to be priced as competitive as a regular marketing agency. This approach is successful as you get more results out of your spending, you don’t have to staff the project yourself. It’s all benefits for small companies. Any latest updates benefits the community. They gain an edge and easily improves their bottom line.

    Who are your clients?

    Among our clients, we can find : Group of Local businesses that need more visits to their stores. Small companies that need Leads to keep their sales teams busy. Small businesses that need more consultations or bookings. The best way to know if Flycer is right for you is take the AI Readiness Quiz and book a demo with us.

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