Moises Lopez, Flycer AI Founder.

To understand what Flycer AI stands for, I have to take you back in time. 

Many years ago, as an entrepreneur myself, I started a new business, and my first excitement quickly turned into frustration when I would see that no one was visiting my expensive new website I just commissioned. 

Testing options, I shopped around different marketing agencies that would help me increase visitors’ and profits to my new business. I picked one that in my mind felt it was the right choice and started working with them.

They promised they will work to get me the results I needed, but the weeks were passing by, and months, and my desperation to see results was increasing.

My business was not getting visitors, my sales were touching rock bottom, and what is worst, my budget for marketing was depleting to dangerous levels.

By the time that I realize that the marketing agency didn’t care for my business, only the monthly fee, it was too late. Sad to say, I had shut down my business; it wasn’t viable anymore.

After that disappointing experience, I resolved to become an expert in Digital Marketing to help other small businesses avoid the challenges I faced. As I delved deeper, I discovered how profoundly AI will change the landscape for businesses, and I decided to harness the power of artificial intelligence to create innovative solutions to drive client growth and sales for small businesses. For over a decade now, I have successfully been helping my clients in the US, and around the world to succeed in creating new sales opportunities for them.

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If you don’t want to go through what I went through, know that me and my team will look after your business as hard as you do.

We can’t help all businesses, but if we are a good fit for each other, we’ll commit to make your business have more exposure and create systems that will attract new customers predictably.

Schedule a call with me and tell me where you need help.

If me and my team can help, I will make you a plan to move forward.

Moises Lopez
Founder Flycer AI


At Flycer, we understand that you want to have your return for your investment, and you want to see fast and visible results. That’s why we created Flycer AI. To leverage AI for your business and create a real difference for your company.

We understand that a client satisfied will stay with us for a long time. And that’s how we conduct business ourselves. So if you need to get more customers, grow your company, and do  better than your competitors then we can definitely help you leverage the power of our MAGNETTYS AI to create those outcomes for you.

What makes us special?: We are an aRtificial intelligence company that provides marketing solutions

There’s a tidal wave coming, and it won’t leave businesses in the same place. That tidal wave is called Artificial Intelligence (AI). And we understand that the businesses that adapt soon and early will survive and thrive. For the other ones… by the time they try to catch up, it will be too late. Our aim to combine the best human talent with the best of Artificial Intelligence solutions to make you unstoppable, create a competitive advantage and help you reach your goals.


Right this year, big corporations in America are spending billions of dollars on AI. This is changing and will change business like any other period in history. We believe that is going to be an uphill battle for small businesses and that’s why our mission is creating ready-to-deploy AI solutions for small businesses so that our clients don’t have to invest in R&D, build a team of scientists and wait for results.

We have done all the legwork for your business.

Is easy to implement, and ready to deploy as soon as in 48 hours.

Proven Success

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Do not hesitate to contact us to see how our AI systems can help your business get more competitive, help you get more clients and increase profits.

We have what it takes to help you get more clients, grow your company, and do better than your competitors!




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