Coronavirus And Your Business – What Now?

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coronavirus impact on businesses

Coronavirus And Your Business โ€“ What Now?

A letter to our readers:

“Ah, darn. The world went and changed on us!” you might be thinking.

Look, we get it.

Our world faces the grave challenge of the spread of coronavirus.

Businesses are taking hits left and right.

Especially brick and mortar. Many had to temporarily suspend their activities. Lay off workers.

The market’s taking a nosedive, and there’s bad news coming in by the hour.

But caving in is not the best thing you can do.

Try to stay positive โ€” it will get better. You need to get on the offense.

This situation will not last forever.

As a medical expert said on ABC 20/20, “It will get worse before it gets better.”

But do not ignore the end of the quote – it will improve.

Look at China.

The coronavirus outbreak has been controlled throughout the country, and employees return to work.

The United States is six to eight weeks behind China in the spread of the virus. If the trend continues, the United States should also see a significant decline sometime around May.

This situation is going to be a disruption to your businessโ€”a major one for many.

When normal returns, you don’t want to leave your competitors to take advantage of you for any possible loss of revenue.

Business owners must continue to move forward in the reality that they need to meet their revenue targets for the second half of 2020.

Or at least don’t lose your hard-earned place in the market.

In times like these, you can choose to break and to despair.

Or you can be resourceful, choose to navigate through this situation, and thrive.

“If you’re going through hell, keep going.”

Your call.

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