Do You Manage A Local Business And Need To Get The Phone Ringing?
Or Do You Depend On People Coming To Your Place?

Why Local SEO Is Important

If you’re relying on your website to drive new customers, you might be waiting a while.

Here’s why: Today, over 47% of Google searches are “No Click searches“. These are search results that don’t lead to a click on a web site.

Even if your site is ranking highly, it’s only getting a fraction of the traffic it used to.


We know this may sound alarming, but here’s the “good” news…

With Flycer AI Local SEO, You Will Reach People In “Buying Mode”


Of All Local Searches feature Google My Business

93% of all local searches feature Google My Business listings before normal results. That’s an opportunity to reach customers when people are in “buying mode“.


Here’s What You See When Searching A Local Service

See those map results? Those are Google My Business listings.

Here’s one of the reasons that makes Google My Business so powerful… ‍

You can reach many customers at the *exact* moment they’re searching for your products and services.

In other words:
Your listing reaches people who are in “buying mode”.

You might be thinking, “Is there a way to get my listing to show up before my competition in the search results?“. Yes, there is a way.


“Your days of being buried in the depths of search results are over.

Once you’ve claimed and optimized your Google My Business listing, you can be on the front page of search results at any time.

More importantly, the people seeing your listing are ready to become customers.”

[Source: Inc. Magazine]

Here’s Why Google My Business Gets The Royal Treatment In Search Results

Google wants searchers on platforms they own.


This increases the chances that people will click on their ads.


(95% of Google’s revenue – which is in the billions – comes from advertising.)


Because of that – they place Google My Business listings front and center in search results.


of Google's revenue comes from advertising.

With Flycer AI Local SEO service, you’ll get prime visibility on Google and the Google Maps app

Notice how 3 of the top 4 apps are owned by Google? They also own YouTube.

More people are starting to use the Google Maps app to find businesses when they need them.

It’s becoming its own search engine.

And the only results it shows are Google My Business listings.

This means your listing can reach people on Google Search and Google Maps.

top apps in 2022

Now – you’re probably wondering…

“I Already Claimed My Listing – So Am I Good?”

Most businesses claim their listing and think the job is done. 

And then it’s forgotten about.

Maybe they’ll visit their listing every now and then to respond to a review – but that’s it.

If you haven’t guessed it yet, that’s the wrong way.

In order to thrive on Google My Business, you have to stop thinking about it like a generic Yellow Pages listing. Handling it like a Yelp page isn’t good enough, either.

If you are still thinking along those lines, you’ll never make Google My Business work. I mean really work.

But if you’re prepared to give Google My Business the respect it deserves, it will change everything for you:


  • You will get more customers.
  • You will increase revenue.
  • You will secure a lifeline for your business in uncertain times.

What Happens When You Trust Flycer AI To Work On Your Local SEO & Google My Business?

In a nutshell: Your company grows.

Your business gets better visibility in Google Search and Maps.

You grow the number of first time customers – who turn into fans of your business.

Then customers turn into more social proof for your listing.

And This further speeds up your visibility – which gets you even more customers.

And most importantly – your revenue grows.


It’s a feedback loop that looks like this:

    Flycer’s AI Works To Get You Results Like These:

    • A massage business went from not existing in Google to leader in their market over well established companies. 300% Increased orders online.
    • A legal serving company with no customers is now known and found across his state. They are now getting an everyday flow of calls for service.
    • From a store with reputation problems to become the reference in the city, over much bigger companies with deeper pockets.

    Who Is This Service For?

    Business Owners: If you manage a business or own it. We do everything for you: from setting up and optimizing your profile to securing it for the top 3 results. You will increase your bottom line, receive more calls and walk-ins at your business.


    Marketing Managers: If you want to increase visibility, sales and get better results from Google My Business – but you don’t have the knowledge, time, or expertise to do it yourself.


    “We joined Flycer to help streamline our online marketing efforts. They quickly scaled our company to be one of the highest ranked for our industry. Flycer will strategically build your online presence & place you above your competition.”

    Angela Alessio, Elevate Enterprises

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