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So maybe you heard about AI and all the recent break thoughts, new uses opening up, and you wonder:

  • Can I use this for my business?
  • Will this work for my company?

If that’s you, you’re in the right place because by the end of this article I will show you if that’s the case, and how you can leverage AI to get new customers for your busines with the 3 keys that will set you up for success.


And will show you a critical mistake you need to avoid if you want to increase your revenue and make your transition to AI a success..

AI shipwreck - mistake to avoid


Before I show you the first key, there is a secret you need to know. And that is the importance of understanding the impact of AI.


Take a look at this conclussion from Forrester from 2020:

importance of AI 2020


Or this one from Elon Musk:

And this is not happening only between big corporations.

Small businesses can benefit from AI technology, or can suffer the effects from it.

The effects on businesses will be like the early 2000 when some businesses adopted the Internet fast and some lagged and payed the consequences.

impact of AI in business

That’s why is so important to understand the impact of AI in business.

Now, with this in mind, let’s explore the Key #1 to leverage AI for more customers and sales:

set the AI for the right objective

Set the AI for the right objective.

Many businesses (big and small) get this wrong and fail at leveraging AI. the right objective (slide 4) for your business.

how to get success from AI


The big idea here is that not the same goal is good for all businesses. Each market has a best performing goal. Even each marketing campaign I might say.


So the key for getting new customers is train the AI for specific outcomes:

Our main ones at Flycer are:
– Get the AI to generate calls to your business from interested prospects.
– Book appointments, either service appointments or consultation appointments, etc
– Get people to fill an online form: quote request, application, etc.
– If you have a physical locations: Get people visit your store, practice, office.

Main objectives for the AI to generate more customers


By testing multiple objectives for each market, Here at Flycer AI we have developed a solutions guide with the best objective per business category. So that way new clients get the best performing objective right off the gate.

The benefit for your business is that you avoid burning your marketing budget without results.
By getting this this right from the get-go, geting the right objective, you can hit the results you’re looking for faster and save your precious investment.


Now moving on to the 2nd Key To Get More Customers With Ai:

Feed Your AI Well!

Feed you AI with enough data

The big idea here is that to generate amazing results and get the AI to take you where you want your business to be, you need to feed it well.


Let me ask you something. What do you feed your car with, so you can go places?
Fuel, right? Data (search slide) is what fuel is to a car.

data is like oil

Source: Gerd

Enough fuel, it’ll take you where you want to go . Same AI, without enough data in the tank, enough “fuel”, it will struggle to bring you results.

But why is that? Well, Think about what we’re asking the AI to do for us: use its capabilities to predict and influence physical behaviors, so they choose you over a competitor. It isn’t a walk in the park, ist it?

That’s why, the more information the AI have, the better it gets at giving you the results you need.



Now, what’s the problem with 99% of local or small businesses? Data is just the thing they don’t have! or don’t have enough. Which is a paradox

Do you want to know what do we do at Flycer to overcome that obstacle?

obstacles in AI implementation


We source for our clients all kind of premium data relevant to your market and your audience. Just to give you an idea, we provide an average of 5000 thousand data points PIC for every potential customer, for every project. From a HVAC service business to a car dealer, from a dental practice to a lawyer. And by doing this, along with KEY #1 matching it to the right objective, the AI can do its work and get you the results your business need.

That way, every type of business: local business or, practice, store, service business, can leverage the AI and get it running like a powerhouse. PIC

And what’s more, with this new approach, it’s all hands-free for you and your business.
No complicated set-ups, no need to have any AI knowledge.
It’s a ready to use solution, and learns to generate the results your business need, optimizing itself in less than 90 days.

Sounds great, right? But this will all be pointless without key #3


The third key, to leverage AI to get more customers is:

Leverage An Economy Of Scale

Leverage an economy of scale in your AI project


Let’s be realistic, all this looks good, but if the investment to implement such a game changer solution would be off the charts, it wouldn’t make sense, right?

Think of the old way to leverage AI for getting more customers: you’d have to hire data scientists, data engeneers, and a bunch of other roles, just to get it off the ground!
That doesn’t make any sense for most businesses, don’t you think?

So the big idea here is, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Use a solution that’s working for others and leverage on that so you don’t have to make huge investments. You benefit from an economy scale.

That way you get a powerful solution that helps you increase your sales, at a fraction of the investment it will take you to build it yourself.



Ok, I get that, but how affordable is AI-powered advertising?

Flycer AI vs other advertising options

The answer is, at the same level with any other solution out there.
like Google Ads or Facebook Ads. But getting a better revenue and ROI.

The key difference here is that our AI uses all those platforms to find your next customers, but avoid the main problem of being chained to a particular Ad platform.

You see, when people move online from one Ad platform to another, you lose the ability to influence them wherever they are. This is Because those platforms are don’t talk to each other. They don’t want to share information with each other. And that is bad for your business.

Flycer AI-Ads on the other hand is able to influence your new potential customers wherever they are, giving those brand impressions and touches you need to tip the balance in your favor. With this new, and more holistic approach, you get more results for your company.


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