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AI Managed Marketing, What Is It ?


INTRODUCTION: Who’s this for: This AI executive report is written for business owners and decision-makers to help them understand the potential of AI managed marketing in their organizations. From a straight-to-the-point perspective. This report will answer the following questions:  

Why Is This Subject Important:

If you have a business or work on one, as a decision-maker, you know how frustrating can be to invest in marketing sometimes. The most common complaint is that most of the time, the company doesn’t know the return on the investment generated. In this report, you’ll see how AI changes this. Still, the reality is that you need to be visible to others if you want your business to grow. And these days, most of the attention goes to people’s personal devices: phones and tablets. From social media to apps, people’s attention is on their screens, that is, online. Gone are the days were TV and radio were the only marketing channels.

What is AI Managed Marketing?

AI managed marketing applies artificial intelligence to different marketing tasks to better predict and improve the outcome of your advertising

It helps businesses that have struggled for years to “trace” and understand what people do online and use that information to actually sell more. Yes, there are many analytics tools, but most of them focus on what happens AFTER someone visited your website. They look at the past, not the future

Up until now, there was nothing that could accurately predict who will be your future customers. It was just an impossible task. With the emergence of AI, there are new opportunities for growth that opens up in this field.


AI managed marketing

In this report, we will see 2 main benefits of leveraging AI for your business in detail

What Opportunities Does AI Open For My Business?


It is important to understand that even though AI can be applied to multiple fields in a company, to fix different problems, there is one single field where AI stands to make a great difference.

Here’s why:

According to Harvard Business Review:

“AI (Artificial Intelligence) Stands To Make The Greatest Impact In Marketing Services”.


Why is important to leverage early on AI marketing?

As with any new technology, there are risks and opportunities. Some organizations ride the wave early on and others wait and see. What does the forecasts and reports indicate?


Here are some of the main headlines:

According to the World Economic Forum, the combined dividend of new technologies (including artificial intelligence) will create $100 Trillion by 2025.


Forrester predicts that “AI-friendly businesses could gain a staggering $1.2 trillion from 2020”.

(The report also mentions that that $1.2 trillion will be taken from other companies not using AI).


And for those companies that have already adopted AI, the results are in.

“83% of AI-adopters are already seeing rapid and positive changes, with 53% achieving moderate benefits, and 30% experiencing substantial benefits.” (Deloitte)



Rapid And Positive Changes


Moderate Benefits


Experiencing Substantial Benefits

What does this all mean for your company?

Needless to say, those businesses that don’t prioritize artificial intelligence won’t access some of those dividends, and will also suffer from competitors that will leverage sooner the application of AI in their companies.

How Will AI And Machine Learning Impact My Business?

Depends on the side of the fence you’re in. You could be using artificial intelligence in your favor … or you can suffer it.

As we mentioned earlier, most of the marketing and advertising budgets these days are spent on online digital advertising platforms.


The challenge here is to formulate, create and refine a customer journey across platforms, social media, websites that end up with your visitors buying from you. Human capabilities in this department are very limited, as we cannot “scale” humans to do all of this concurrently.


The answer? 

Machine learning. Machine learning is a data driven application of the AI science field that concentrates on searching for patterns, make predictions and through many iterations, get better at the task that is assigned. Naturally, the question is: how can we use artificial intelligence, and more specifically machine learning, to help us grow and reach more profits?


What if we could train our AI to learn, based on your previous sales and transactions? Going into detail, what do they have in common? Are there identifiable patterns between the past and the future? That is one process in which machine learning help your company identify potential new sales for you.


But what if you don’t have previous, or actionable data of your past sales? There are other methods to train the AI. One is to teach it to identify who is your ideal customer, and put your business advertisement in front of those prospects.


That is exactly what most of the big businesses and corporations are doing right now. They are investing hundreds of millions in AI marketing, as a source to generate leads and revenue for their businesses.

According to a study by the Aberdeen Group:

Improved lead creation is the primary reason why businesses are investing in AI, with 61% of respondents citing this as their goal.

 As always, big corporations know where the money is, and they are investing heavily on it.

That doesn’t mean though that small business can’t use artificial intelligence in their businesses.

Keep reading to see how you can start leveraging this technology for generating leads and more profits too.


How is AI Managed Marketing different from regular marketing?

AI managed Marketing is unique in that it takes a scientific approach to marketing. While not 100% of all the marketing tasks can be simmered down to numbers (understanding of psychology of humans is key), the approach with artificial intelligence is scientific and mathematical first.


This means that there are two separate groups of tasks well defined in AI Managed Marketing.

The human approach, and the AI approach.

Here’s how it works:

The Human approach.
The ultimate goal is to let humans do, what humans do better. Free the human marketer (this is Flycer AI’s approach) for doing what they are great at, marketing strategies and messaging. This includes the campaign planning, copy creation, messaging, etc.

The AI approach.
AI problem solvingHere, we leave machines do what they are great at, finding underlying patterns, crunch numbers and automatic management. So the artificial intelligence can predict better outcomes for your business. Turning information into results: leads, consultations, proposals, appointments, sales, etc.

Whatever result you want the AI to achieve.

For instance, at Flycer AI we are great at creating qualified, and hot leads for businesses. That is done by setting the right goals, design a plan and creative experience from the beginning.

Then putting all the pieces together (landing pages, content, creatives, emails, videos, ebooks, etc) to educate and position your company as the solution to the prospects problems. This is the human side of marketing.

Once that work is done, we leave the management to AI technology.

Using Predictive Intelligence, the AI will evaluate and search what channel (Facebook, Instagram), what product or service is producing the best result.
And it will adapt their spend on the criteria given by humans to maximize your business profits.

The advance management programs are able to do analytics on its own, see if there is a hidden pattern to every converting lead.

That enables the artificial intelligence to improve their targeting, getting smarter, and building a network of highly targeted audiences that will be more inclined to buy from you.

All of this is done automatically. Management decisions are processed at a high speed, managing your budget optimally, resulting in a jump in profits and saving you money.


How Does Artificial Intelligence Help In Digital Marketing. A Case Use.

From a practitioner point of view, there are two distinctive areas where AI really shines and outperforms a human any day of the week.


Benefit #1: Increased Customers

In the digital world that we live in, all of our actions, places we visit, websites we browse, social media channels and apps that we use, purchases we made, are being tracked.

And leveraged properly, with the right marketing technology, can be used to get to know better our shoppers.

Could you imagine if you, or your marketer would have to sort out all that information, to manage to extract useful information? Even with a large team, highly trained in those skills, you couldn’t generate solid insights. Let alone do it in real time!

Humans can’t sort out and process all of that data at scale. Is too consuming. To make digital marketing work, you require speed.

To transform that information into knowledge, and profits, you need an AI. A powered cloud software platform, properly trained, will look for important interactions. To find those patterns that your company is looking for in your next sale.

The artificial intelligence solution is intelligent enough to know if someone is more inclined to engage with your ad. To move him/her further along to the next step you want them to take. Ultimately, to find and filter the best candidate to get your desired results.

Benefit #2: Optimized use of your advertising budgets with AI Management

Marketers, up until AI, had a hard time with the management of their campaigns. Updating, managing your account, changing settings, optimizing… is a full time job that a human can’t do at scale.

Now, powered by artificial intelligence, and driven by data, and the strategy provided by humans, the AI is capable to manage your ads campaigns better than any human.

The platform, works in an automated way, to sell your solutions, services or products for your industry. All the managing of the campaigns is done trading-style, with a response time in milliseconds.

That automation helps you save precious dollars that can be put to good use to invest in other opportunities that the system can dig out for you.

Something that a human wouldn’t be able to do.

At Flycer AI, we say that is like having a top world marketer working for you that never take brakes, go home after 5pm or go on vacation, but keep working for you 24/7!

How Can My Business Get Started With AI Managed Marketing?

Your organization at this point have two options:

  • Start from ground up an artificial intelligence project
  • Or leverage a ready-to-use AI Managed solution.

Option 1. Start from the ground up.
This is the option most used on enterprise environments.

It requires to assemble an AI working group. Hire leading top scientist on deep learning, data scientists, integration specialists, developers, a director that oversees the development and projects, among other roles. Obviously, due to the investment required on such research, only big corporations have the resources to deploy operations of such scale.

Most small businesses, can’t afford those kind of investments. That’s why it makes much more sense to invest in the option #2.


Option 2. Use an AI managed marketing company

Flycer AI have done all that legwork for you. That way, you can leverage artificial intelligence for your business at a fraction of the cost of what it would to develop an AI for growth.

As a provider of AI for small business, Flycer gives you access to third party, already developed and high-performing AI. An artificial intelligence explicitly trained for marketing uses. No need to hire scientists. Or expensive manpower. But ready for automatically bring you new clients and shoppers.

High-efficient marketing that would cost hundreds of thousands to develop. And previously accessible to $500 million and above companies, at a fraction of the investment. 

Just for the same investment of what it will cost you to hire a regular marketing agency, you get much more.


What is like to have an AI working for your business?
Simply put, is having a group of world’s top marketers working for your company.

Except that humans get tired. And go home to rest. And take vacations.

Our AI, on the other hand, don’t take breaks, don’t go home after 5pm and never got out on vacations!

Of course, you’ll would want Flycer’s AI working this hard for your business instead of against you, right?


Would you want Flycer’s AI working for your company?

Here’s the first step.

Start by taking the AI-Readiness Quiz here.

If after taking the AI readiness Quiz, you get a confirmation that your business is ready to leverage artificial intelligence, then the next step is to schedule a demo with us to talk about how we can upgrade your business with AI.


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Customer forecast: based on the organization database (the CRM of use, like salesforce, the artificial intelligence is capable of finding the relationship between past purchasers, to define candidates to future ones to build improved predictions. Is also called predictive analysis.

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