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AI problem solving
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Oftentimes, small and medium-sized businesses go through the pain problem of not securing customers and generating leads. To make it worse, the customers they manage to attract are not their ideal target audience. The right segment is occupied by bigger businesses with far greater resources and presence in the market. 


This problem can be countered by excelling in your business practice and revitalize marketing strategies. Artificial intelligence, in this regard, can help small businesses largely benefit from its the difference it makes.


In recent years we have heard quite a lot about AI, and not only in the field of technology, but we have also been able to see how it has begun to gain greater prominence in the field of business and everyday life.


AI problem solving


In general terms, and as indicated by IBM, AI is able to learn from its experiences, find correlations, create hypotheses, remember results and learn from them, which would be something really useful for business in the digital age.


To further understand this issue, it is important to speak with examples: these technologies can be especially useful for such complex issues as predicting macroeconomic flows or for searching and mapping the human genetic code; or even, for simpler issues such as customer service , because when implementing the use of chatbots, programs capable of communicating with a person in “natural language”, it is much easier to offer personalized attention to our clients 24/7.


Why is AI important for small businesses?


  1. Attract and filter more leads


Artificial intelligence is an effective tool when it comes to obtaining more leads and, in fact, 61% of respondents in a recent study by Sparklane, say that this is the reason why companies Bet on this technology.


Normally, the search, contact and attraction of sales leads is a complex task that requires numerous resources, especially time. With artificial intelligence, these processes not only become much faster but also more effective by allowing greater range and accuracy.


Also, its integration into the sales platforms offers the possibility of generating high-quality lead lists that are more likely to become customers.


  1. Predictive analytics


 Predicting consumer behavior allows companies to anticipate their actions, thus optimizing their strategies and, as a result, getting more customers.


Artificial intelligence, therefore, becomes essential in the task of managing the enormous mass of data available to companies today and helping marketers optimize their investments by knowing how and when to reach their consumers.


In fact, predictive marketers are 1.8 times more likely to exceed the company’s common goals.


  1. Improve customer service


In 2020, 85% of customer service relationships are expected to be carried out without human interaction. This fact, although many may scare them, is more than beneficial for both companies and consumers.


On the one hand, it helps companies improve customer service in a completely natural way, thanks to the ability of artificial intelligence to personalize experiences and solve problems quickly.


Customer service is one of the most important factors when it comes to satisfying consumers, and in this sense, artificial intelligence greatly increases the options to acquire new ones.



  1. Automate email marketing


Although many have doubted the survival of email marketing, the truth is that it has been shown to be one of the most effective strategies, if done well, and more with the application of artificial intelligence.


59% of B2C marketers ensure that email is the most effective way to earn income, and artificial intelligence can improve ROI thanks to its ability to personalize messages.


And it not only improves conversion rates but also builds stronger relationships with consumers by showing them messages of their liking.


AI is not only for big corporations


The technology is not a requisite of corporations that invest millions but can also be leveraged by small-sized businesses. As a matter of fact, the use of smart applications and chatbots can add tremendous benefit.


Of course, you can object the application of artificial intelligence in your business, as likely your setup is not up to the scale. However, artificial intelligence has been translated into its simplest forms, especially in marketing which can be utilized by a business of almost any size.


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