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AI + Web Design

Our MAGNETTYS AI Generate For You Up To 610% More Profits And Leads Than The Average Web Page, Empowering You With a Highly Profitable Website.

Flycer’s MAGNETTYS Artificial Intelligence

Make Sure You Get The Highest-Standard Website

Our AI has evaluated more than 11,000 websites. From websites with ugly design to modern, beautiful and functional webs.

We have trained our neural network to evaluate the designs, usability and code practices on a scale from 0 (terrible design) to 10 (latest-specs, attractive and useful to the visitor design). Our MAGNETTYS AI evaluates more than 120 different design and code metrics.

Our web design is done by very skillful designers. So after they create a design for you, we evaluate it with our MAGNETTYS AI to meet the highest standards before showing you the new design.

That way, you not only have the peace of mind of having a great website that you love, but also make sure your future clients will love it too!

Flycer’s Unique MAGNETTYS AI

Empowers You With a Highly Profitable Website

Most of the web design companies out there only focus on the “looks” of your website. They blind your business to the importance of converting visitors into leads or take action. They don’t know how to create highly converting web sites.

That’s why they just want you to be happy with the “Look and feel”. Flycer creates for you a powerful asset that turns your business from ordinary, to the forefront of your market, while getting more leads and sales than your competitors!

Excellent Return On Investment

No more senless investments in things that don’t work. Shine Through Your Local Market To Experience The Level Of Personal Income, ​Financial Wealth & ​Lifestyle Freedom Only The Top Performing Business Get To Experience…

Powerful Asset For Your Business

Because you want your new web site to be an asset for your business that generates new leads, clients and sales on auto pilot every single day. And not just a fancy page that people just look, and press “back” to end up in your competitor’s page.

Make it Easy For Your Clients To Find You

With the latest updates in Google, the mobile version of your website becomes the starting point for what Google determine rankings in.

We make sure your webpage is up to date with all of Google’s requirements

Have The Ultimate Advantage

What Impact Can The MAGNETTYS SYSTEM Have In My Business?

Our MAGNETTYS SYSTEM ​uses a scientific & psychological approach to web design. You will be able to ensure you keep our edge in your highly competitive industry. Imagine if you had been toying with a slingshot and pebble before… and now suddenly possessed a nuclear bomb!

100% Powered By WordPress

Powering more than 30% of the Internet, WordPress is the right choice for small business. Is flexible User-friendly, easy to extend its functionality, and WordPress Sites Rank High. … What’s not to like?

Fast & Optimized

You are provided with a masterpiece of design, highly converting AND attractive website. No compromises. Responsive, fully compliant with Google guidelines and running with the best technology in the market.

​Generates Credibility

Because Your  Your business inspire confidence. You feel proud of associates, suppliers, prospects and customers visiting your website. They complement you for your website image.

Optimized For Conversions

What that means for you is, that you’ll get clients falling in love with your business. ​And as a result, you get everyday sales, booking and leads. 
The phone won’t stop ringing.



The Hidden Truth Of Other Web Design Companies

While other web design companies only develop “Responsive” web pages, Flycer focus on making them Mobile-First. Why?

According to Stadista:
More than 50% of all traffic is coming from mobile devices“.

More Google searches take place on mobile devices than on computers in the U.S.”

According to a study on online habits from Google:
67% of mobile users say that when they visit a mobile-friendly site, they’re more likely to buy a site’s product or service.

Our Solution:

Mobile-First Design

That is altogether a different league and the edge you need over your competition. It takes the concept of responsive web design and takes it to the next level.

Instead of focusing on designing a mobile version of the desktop site, mobile-first design focuses on building a site that puts the needs of mobile users first. In every device.

Because when your visitors are on the go, they need it fast and right. Why should I care?

These are the benefits of mobile-first design:

  • Skyrocket Your Lead Capture & Sales
  • Capture Your Visitors Attention
  • Turn Them Into Raving Fans Of Your Company!

Here’s why is important: While not having a mobile-friendly site helps your competitors, having your mobile-first version optimized, will give you an edge over them, ranking higher and getting more visitors to your website.

You will feel like you are stealing all the mobile visitors from your competitors,, while getting the all the leads and sales that you totally deserve…


Persuation At Its Finest

According to a research of Psychologist George Miller of Princeton University:

“​The average adult brain is able to store between 5-9 “chunks” of information within in the short term, working memory.

​​No matter how much technology advances, the common triggers behind human behavior stay the same.

​By integrating in your new web site the power of persuasion psychology, we increase conversions and improve your bottom line.

Leverage The Power Of Persuasion

To Get The Results You Need

Our MAGNETTYS SYSTEM Websites Allows YOU To Hook YOUR Prospects By The Throat, Forcing Them To Read Every Single Word On YOUR Website . . . Generating Sales!

Because your new web page will ​be created with Flycer’s exclusive MAGNETTYS ​Persuasion System​, your web page will be able to convert more visitors into buyers.

You will feel the confidence of the overachievers, while your competitors scratch their heads trying to figure out ​why you are so successful!

Every Website built with Flycer’s MAGNETTYS System integrates the 5 Psychological Principles For High Converting Websites.

What that means for you is that you will be able to get more buyers with the same amount of visitors than your competition.
​As a result, you can create “buying demand” for your services… without the terrible feeling than you are hardcore selling!

The Results?

Improved Performace Over Your Competitors

“​Working with Flycer have been amazing!

“I am absolutely speechless, my web site looks incredible, I mean WOW incredible!!!

 And not only did he deliver on time, but had gone far beyond my wildest expectations.

Their knowledge, expertise and design… you’re getting all in one package. AMAZING!!!”.

Laurence Michelson - Michelson Attorney Services

“The Flycer team are one of the most talented web designers I have come across.

 They have the ability take content & put it into a visual friendly web format.

Their timely communication and foresight for an aesthetically pleasing layout is commendable.

 I would recommend Flycer to anyone looking to build a website.”

Paul Arif - TIME Energy

People Will Regconize Your Brand

Just imagine the difference that MAGNETTYS BLUEPRINT SYSTEM can make in your business and life.

Because with Flycer’s ​MAGNETTYS, you get a new, fresh angle for your business. Your business presence online at last RADIATES CONFIDENCE.

You Become a Local Reference

Because with the MAGNETTYS BLUEPRINT SYSTEM you set your online asset for success.

You won’t be HUNGRY FOR A TASTE of the best performers, because you are now one of them.