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Multiply Your Return On Investment

Generate New Sales & Customers Leveraging AI

(Artificial Intelligence) From Social Media Platforms.

increase profits with Facebook Ads


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Why is Facebook Advertisement A MUST Today?

Facebook, Facebook Messenger and Instagram features over 2 billion active users.

And Facebook Advertising is important because it provides businesses with the opportunity of reaching out to specific audiences (Your future customers).

For example, as a business owner, you can target by:

  • Geographical location
  • Personal interests
  • Demographics (even target if someone is close to your competitors).

So you can speak directly to your future customers in a very cost-effective manner.


We Now Offer You To Leverage AI For Your Growth

With our MAGNETTYS AI, we now can offer the best of humans and the total superiority of AI for managing your Advertising budget.

    How Does It Work?

    Prospects from Facebook

    We send our AI to search for your future customers so you’re able to generate tons of buyer leads or sales (depending on your market and needs)

    That way, you can forget the guesswork, as our AI will identity the people most likely to buy from your business. Who’s going to be a better client based on spending patterns so you can enjoy your dream clients to your business.

    Top Performing AI Management

    Maximize your investment. Our system is able to identify available opportunities for cheap new leads. That means, that like a good trader, it  takes advantage of hidden opportunities to get you more clients and leads, optimizing your budget.

    Opportunities that are available only for milliseconds, and most humans will overlook.

    Our AI will grab them for you.


    Stop-Loss AI Protection

    Save your hard-earned budget and protect it from misspending which means humans can try, but is impossible to catch up with the ad bids happening simultaneously on Facebook.

    You will be protected 24/7 against misspending or sudden spikes on the bids. You’ll be able to sleep at night knowing that our AI is overseeing your budget to get the most out of it.

    don’t leave facebook ad to amateurs

    How Can We Help You Drive Growth With Facebook?

    The 2 most common type of clients are:

    • You have not invested in Facebook Ads before. In that case, we use our expertise to create a full sales campaign based on the objectives we set on our discover meeting. Get a complementary Discovery meeting and let’s talk about your goals.
    • You are investing in Facebook ads but need help or you don’t know if your numbers could be better. In those cases, we first do a Facebook Audit to examine your numbers and see areas where our AI could improve them. Usually it is an eye-opening experience for business owners to understand in detail where the money is going down the drain and what opportunity areas are being overlooked.

    Flycer AI is a Facebook consultancy agency staffed with experienced social media advertisers who help businesses grow through digital marketing strategies and our powerful MAGNETTYS AI.

      what happens without a clear mission and execution?

      Some Figures To Consider:


      Of small businesses fail when trying Facebook Ads on their own


      Small businesses spends one hour or less focused on Facebook marketing every week.


      More likely to buy from from people engaged with your business on social media

      all things considered…

      Ask Yourself This:

      How much money am I losing every month by not Advertising on the Facebook Ads platform?

      How much money am I leaving on the table every month by not having a professional agency like Flycer AI optimizing my facebook ads campaigns?

      Do you want a faster, easier way to pick up new clients, leads, phone calls from interested prospects every single week?

      the difference of working with us

      A Few Things That Makes A Difference In Your Business


      You ran radio Ads, TV, magazines ads, without knowing where the money goes. What’s the return on the investment, how much did you spend to get one client. You are basically in the dark.


      You are paying too much to generate every single client. In addition to feel frustrated because you can’t have a clear view of your numbers, you can’t scale up your company profitably.


      You spend thousands of dollars advertising your business, only to see that people visit your web page and abandons it after a few seconds. Those visitors never come back again and you lose valuable resources in the process.


      You have a clear view of your cost per lead, cost per purchase and any other information you might need to know to grow your business. Clear numbers that help you reinvest in the growth of your business.


      In our experience, almost all of our clients lower their cost to acquire clients significantly. You will save money in acquiring new clients and will feel the power of knowing the numbers you need to grow revenue.


      You have a digital sales system in place. So when people visit your website, they can purchase or ask for a proposal. If they abandon your web page without our desired action, we’ll keep marketing them to come back and finish purchasing or asking for the sale. As a result, your sales go up, you save valuable marketing dollars and grow profitably your company.

      Facebook Users 

      2.41 Bil

      Daily Users

      1.59 Bil

      video views/day

      8 Bil

      Business advertising

      4 Mil

      Here’s How To Start

      1. schedule a call

      Be Brave. Give us a call. We’ll chat about your goals while getting to know each other. It’s free and you’ll get valuable tips.

      2. Strategy Session

      Be Bold. We bring your vision to life. We’ll deeply engage in your business and map out your vision for growth.

      3. Grow your business

      Be Best In Market. We’ll create focus, put the plan to work, and watch your business thrive.