Discover How Flycer’s MAGNETTYS Digital Sales System Can Upgrade Your Business.


From Guessing To Predictable

At Flycer, before we take on any project, we evaluate your current situation.

Who’s doing what? Are there any loosely coupled marketing pieces? How does the current digital sales system work in your company (if you have one)?

Thanks to our MAGNETTYS Digital Sales System, we identify the areas that your business need help it. And we create for you the most reliable, repeatable and predictable system for creating conversion breakthroughs in your marketing… from media selection, to targeting, to messaging, to the mechanics of your offer, and everything in between…

Transforming it into a hot, high converting digital selling system that brings you well-nurtured and qualified leads!


From ANY Client To Cherry Picking Clients 

From wondering how to fill your work pipeline with new projects, to your new reality. We turn your money-pit web into a lead-gen machine.

Now that you have a steady lead flow, you can close them into new clients. And not just any clients, but the right clients.

The ones who are thrilled to work with you. Who understand that you’re unique and different from anyone else in the marketplace.

Because Flycer’s MAGNETTYS Digital Sales System makes sure to create a great impression about your business. To turn it into a Brand. A Brand who do the work, get the results, and make you look like a rock star!


From Just Another Business To A Brand

You might have experienced in the past how a marketing campaign you had high hopes fell flat, having to get jobs at a lower ticket to compensate your losses.

Once our MAGNETTYS Digital Sales System is implemented and working, your company evolves into a brand that will be everywhere. Like a salesman team, people will see your brand in their social media news feeds, YouTube, and across the Internet. Because we use a multi-step campaign, we don’t go for the jugular straight away with your advertising. Rather, we offer them an incentive to be in their lives, generating trust and brand recognition. Like good brands do. 

At the end of the process, the sale is natural and price  objections become secondary.


From Hardly Known To Celebrity In Town

No more “Who’s this company again?” at the meet ups and events.

Thanks to MAGNETTYS Digital Sales System, your brand becomes well established in the market. You are seen, heard and valued

You can finally stake a claim in your community.

Is time for your business to implement Flycer’s MAGNETTYS Digital Sales System to finally make every single facet of your business click, once and for all!


“We joined Flycer to help streamline our online marketing efforts. They quickly scaled our company to be one of the highest ranked for our industry. Flycer will strategically build your online presence & place you above your competition.”

Angela Alessio, Elevate Enterprises

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