Key Insights For Holiday Season 2020

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Key Marketing Takeaways For The 2020 Holiday Season

Today’s shoppers aren’t averse to change. It’s true that the pandemic have disrupted the shopping experience, but it’s not stopping people from finding new options. As the data from Google report shows, customers are comfortable trying different shopping services and apps. Most buyers are even fine with buying from new retailers altogether. That takes me back to my earlier point about local businesses wanting to offer curbside pickup. If your business doesn’t grow to satisfy the requirements of today’s shoppers, they’re perfectly happy to travel elsewhere.

Buying Behavior of Holiday Shoppers

The following stats focuses on notable shifts in recent customer intent.
  • 62% U.S shoppers will start holiday shopping earlier to avoid items being out of stock.
  • 46% of online US shoppers expect retailers give them discounts.
  • 77% U.S holiday shoppers said they will browse for gift ideas online, not in-store.
  • 46% of US shoppers agreed that “I make a deliberate effort to buy at businesses that align with my values.”
  • 66% U.S consumers who decide to shop this season said they’re going to shop more at local small businesses.

Our Takeaways

A recurring theme throughout the report presented in Google’s guide is the shift in customer intent toward buying locally. Customers are not any doubt conscious of the hardships local businesses are browsing during the pandemic and appear to be trying to offer back to their community. Many customers also are actively looking to buy from businesses that align with their values. That reinforces the necessity to have a robust brand to appeal to today’s shoppers. Discount codes are something buyers expect in online retail. That doesn’t mean you’ve got to put blowout sales–even something like free shipping can go make a significant difference in your sales. To learn more insights on the 2020 holiday shopping season, see Google’s guide
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