How to Market to Moms During COVID-19 & Why You Should

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how to market to moms
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In a world where moms rule, it’s important to know how to market to this group during the pandemic. The key is including themes that speak directly to their passions and needs. Read this article for tips about targeting marketing efforts towards the largest segment of your market.

Being a mom is tough work! While they are all exhausted, moms profoundly diverge in how the pandemic has impacted their consumer behavior.

Some moms send bored kids to snack from the pantry, while other moms concentrate on healthy snacking and upping their intake of fruits and vegetables.




Influence Central surveyed 630 consumers, most of them women with kids.

The results amplify the actual fact that COVID-19 will impact consumer behavior now and going forward.

According to latest figures:

88 percent of moms want deals, brand discounts, freebies and cost-saving promotions from stores and brands.

Moms often maintain household purchase budgets say the last word when it comes to shopping decisions.

Also, 88 percent are now cooking more meals at home since stay-at-home orders went into effect, and 49 percent of respondents are now cooking meals from scratch.

Kitchen devices are a strong trend during this stay-at-home period.

For the newly-born bakers and baristas among us, cake pans, blenders and hand mixers are experiencing the same renaissance.

Children are notoriously selective when it involves food and products choices.

Not having the ability to seek out the precise chicken nugget brand their kid likes leads to a dinner-time battle that leaves both mom and kid in tears.

According to the survey, 71 percent of girls consumers now buy groceries less frequently than before the pandemic.

Consumers are looking to stay themselves busy reception , whether through physical, hands-on activities or mental stimulation.

One last insight:

According to the survey, 20% have increased their time spent checking out content from influencers and 21% increased their time spent finding new influencers to follow.

Many local businesses have gone silent during COVID-19, hitting an enormous pause button on all their marketing efforts.

But there’s a chance to succeed in moms who want—and need—brands to be visible during and after the pandemic.

But moms are constantly adapting—and brands have an opportunity to go away an enduring impression by providing solutions to their everyday struggles.

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