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How To Get More Customers With AI - With Real Results

An accessible approach for Small Businesses

You hear about Artificial Intelligence in the news. New accomplishments are announced each day. Things that we considered impossible, now can be done with Artificial Intelligence.

It seems that slowly but surely, AI’s ability to make new is taking over many tasks that we thought possible.

And you might wonder:

  • Can AI be used to get the edge I need for my business?“.
  • Can I get more sales using AI?“.

If so,

  • How to get more customers with AI?
  • How can AI help sales?
  • Is it possible for my company to leverage AI?
  • Is my company ready to use artificial intelligence?“.
  • What’s the cost of using AI for my business?“.

We’ll try to answer all these questions. And you’ll also get some valuable resources you can use to know if you’re ready to use AI.


There are mainly two ways that AI is being implemented:


The old way means doing things like organizations of the Fortune 500.
The cost of developing an AI solution to get your company customers is astronomically high. Unless you are a Fortune 500 company that has unlimited pockets, your investment can rapidly go in the hundreds of thousands.


The smallest teams requirements needed to create an AI with the old approach, according to IBM, include the hiring of: 

  • Executive sponsors.
  • Systems architects.
  • Data engineers.
  • Data scientists.
  • DevOps engineers.
  • Business analysts.

Just to start…

Other sources have even more comprehensive requirements, adding to the team:

  • AI ethicists and sociologists
  • Lawyers

And more…

And then there is the project duration cost, delays (common in the industry), and other considerations. 

If you are a small business owner, and you are reading this, you might be thinking: “There’s no way I afford that!”

Fortunately for you, there’s a better approach to leverage AI, at a fraction of that investment.


“How to leverage to your profit an AI powered marketing that will get you many customers quicker and faster than before, without hiring a team of scientists or breaking your bank.”


When we decided implementing AI for marketing purposes at Flycer, we immediately though:

There’s no way small businesses will be able to compete with bigger corporations on AI!“.

As you saw above, the cost of an AI project is out of the equation for most small businesses.

So we took a different approach.

“What if we could create an Artificial Intelligence to deliver what most small businesses need the most, lead generation, and sales?

And what if we put it at the service of many small business?

There’s two benefits of using this approach:
We lower dramatically the investment needed to start using it!. It’s like getting a multi-million dollar Artificial Intelligence working for you, at a fraction of the investment!

There is a secondary, but not to be overlooked benefit.

By many small businesses using our AI, the more data it has access to, and the more precise and powerful it becomes. This is especially important when you don’t have a huge advertising budget. In normal circumstances, It will be impossible to train the artificial intelligence without taking big advertising spend on your own.

But thanks to our users, you can profit from Flycer’ AI even if your budget is small.

This approach has proven way more practical, efficient, and profitable for small companies than the old method.


That’s great, you might think. But how productive and profitable is your AI?


Each industry and markets have different benchmarks. So what might sound impressive results in one sector might be regular, even mediocre for another.

What we do in all cases is take the average figures across industries.
And compare the results using a before vs. after approach.

Before means, when we take a client, we analyze the benchmarks of the company: leads and sales per week/month. If they work with an agency or freelancer, we evaluate their production too. Invariably they all fit into the category of “Human Results.”

We start working, and we let the AI to drive results. After a few weeks, when the Artificial Intelligence has been optimized, we compare the numbers.

So in a head to head comparison, who end up winning? 

    Here are the results in ROAS (Return On Ad Spend):

    Results using Human Agency > 1.4x

    Flycer AI > 2.4x

    Also, when we put face to face these two approaches, human VS AI, we found that 9 out of 10 times our Artificial Intelligence beats a top human marketer.

    Here’s why the new AI performs better:

    Flycer AI can understand underlying patterns and relationships about your customers that you don’t even know about.
    The AI can make decisions on your behalf in milliseconds, turning a visitor into a prospect, lead, or a sale. It gives the push the visitor needs at the right time.

    Due to the speed in decision-making and knowledge of your typical customer, the intelligence AI can save your advertising budget in real-time. It operates real-time like the stock market. You can use those precious savings to invest in other marketing opportunities that will yield more profits for your business.


    Now that you understand How Flycer’s AI Outperforms Day In And Day Out The Top Facebook Experts In The World….


    Is time to answer the following questions:

    • Is it possible for my company to leverage AI?
    • Is my company ready to use artificial intelligence?“.

    To determine quickly if your business is ready to use AI to get more customers, we have created an interactive AI Quiz.

    The advantages of doing the Quiz are:

    • It only takes 60 seconds to fill out.
    • No personal information is collected.

    Based on your answers, you will know if your business, at this point, can leverage AI for more sales and profits.

    take the quiz

    AI Readiness Quiz

    60 Seconds Away To Learn If You Are Ready

    In addition to our Quiz, we offer as well a complementary a Discovery Call to asses in a more particular way your needs. Don’t hesitate to schedule your Discovery session with us.

    What’s the investment for using AI for my business?

    As we mentioned earlier, it depends on your market.
    Each market and customer requires custom work that depends on the marketing pieces that the business already has, its marketing assets, and other variables.

    But as a rule of thumb, Flycer’s AI services are in par with the prices of a regular marketing agency.

    The pro is that for the same amount, as demonstrated earlier, you get more. More leads, more sales, more profits. You also unlock in our client meetings the profile of your dream customer. That one that you will like to work with every day, but barely get any.

    Maybe you see or know other competitors are getting them, but they are elusive to you. In many cases, we can tap that source of new customers and revenue for you.

    The first step How To Get More Customers With AI starts with Free Demo of Flycer AI-Ads with us.

    We are looking forward to hear your business goals and ideas for this year!.


    Can AI boost my marketing and sales results?
    The applications for lead generation and sales are among the top investments for Fortune 500 companies. The impact on their results is consistent across companies, which makes them a good investment with a high ROI. The same can be said for small businesses.



    How does it work?
    There are a few AI applications for marketing.
    The most profitable, and the one that Flycer AI focuses on, is using artificial intelligence to attract new clients, retain the current ones, and find the dream customer to get more of those types of customers to the business.

    We do that as marketers, using machine learning in the ads campaigns. Thanks to digital marketing, we can access marketing channels like Facebook and Google, where our algorithms can identify people. The AI provide insights about them, generate ideas about where in the buyer’s journey they are, and what targeting will be best. It can deliver deep personalization in ads and stories at the perfect timing to tip the balance in your favor. To turn people into prospects, prospects into solid leads and sales.

    As an added application, if you work in different countries, here’s how you can drive and multiply the success of your company. Our AI software can scout the best customers in your best market, and reach similar prospects in new markets. Thanks to this AI automation, it brings your results for your company in days, not months or years.

    This is one of the best examples of ai application to access new markets and gain more customer base.

    Domestically, It can boost your expansion to new states within the country.


    What other uses of AI can you implement?
    If you sell online and have an online selling system, ai can boost your sales.

    One of the main applications is to offer smarter, sophisticated recommendations based on the profile of the visitor and the action they are taking while shopping.

    They can discover, view, and buy new products that are closer to the consumer’s tastes. Eliminating the pain of not finding the products they want, increases the satisfaction and overall experience. They are more likely to purchase and buy. And the value of your shopping cart increases.

    AI for customer care
    Customer care is another area where artificial intelligence has been making strides.

    It can solve an alleviate many of the common problems of your customer service.

    Using chatbots, you can provide support at out of the office

    You can engage in multiple conversations at the same time with the same amount of agents.

    You can humanize your chatbots, providing a fast response, and making them similar to an assistant.

    These platforms are affordable, flexible, helping your support and consumers alike. That’s why retailers are adopting it. It provides benefits on both ends: customers receive immediate help, and the company optimizes resources.

    B2B lead generation done for you