Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Small Businesses. Is it possible to leverage it now?

AI - Artificial Intelligence
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AI For Small Businesses. Is It Possible To Leverage It Now?

We analyze the uses of AI for Small Businesses

Do you keep up with the news? if you do, I’m sure you heard on the news about AI.

Slowly but surely there’s more and more news of new feats that AI achieves. By the way, my favorite so far is this one.

That being said, when we look at the scene of AI for small businesses… there’s not too much to look at right now, to be honest.

I’m sure that soon that will change. Actually, that was one of the reasons why we decided to make our move here at Flycer and integrate artificial intelligence in our processes for our clients.

AI is being introduced slowly as small but useful new possibilities rather than dramatic new inventions. For instance, nowadays we ask driving directions, ask our personal assistant Alexa, Google or Siri, or watch content based on recommendations made from an AI.

But before giving you a roundup of companies and resources you can check out, let’s answer these 4 questions:


How can I use AI (artificial intelligence) for my small business?

That’s one of the hot burning questions on the table. AI is perfect for task automation, or for repetitive tasks. So think about what are those in your company.

In this blog post will be covering 2 of the main 5 levers of growth in a company, and what’s the advantage of AI for small businesses.

Use AI In Your Small Business To Get More Clients And Sales


,The 2 areas that can have a deeper effect on the growth of your company, are marketing and sales. No question about it. So for that reason is so critical that you get every leverage and advantage that can help gain in those departments.

Applying AI to acquiring leads and sales is one straight way to recoup the investment you do on AI. So that should be your goal #1 when implementing AI in your business.

Google Adwords and Facebook marketing already use AI in their ads platforms. So that means that they help you with the campaign and management for the campaigns you are running to get more leads for your business… to a certain extent.

You see, this platforms make literally billions of dollars with businesses just like yours. And while they do provide and apply artificial intelligence, they won’t protect your investment. And they’ll do everything they can so you bid with other businesses to rise the cost per click. This, for example, is very typical of Google.


At Flycer, we superimpose our AI on those platforms to achieve the following objectives:

1- Protect your ads budget.

Facebook and Google are like the stock market. Prices go up and down, and changes can happen in milliseconds, impossible for humans to control your ads budget. That’s why our AI knows how much are you willing to pay for a click or a lead (depending on the objective set up with you). If the advertising costs for a day scale up out of control, our AI will automatically stop the spending until the prices get back to the figures we established for the campaign. At the end of the day, our MAGNETTYS AI will start bidding again as usual, but will always make sure not to go beyond the maximum amount you are willing to pay to acquire new leads for your business.

It can even go as far as telling our AI the parameters of profitability that we want. If we are less profitable than $X and get got X amount of sales, stop our ads.

If my ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) is less than $X, then stop the campaigns.

Do you see how much money is saved, when we tell our AI how much are you willing to pay? and what is not profitable for you? No more out of control ads budget. You always know that your hard-earned dollars are put to good use.

We can train and manage 9 different scenarios to protect your ad budget investment, based on your needs.


2nd application from magnettys ai

Seize Opportunities


Seize opportunities.

Sometimes, the opposite happens. 

Unbeknown to you and to the person who manages the ads for you, during a brief seconds, or even milliseconds, there’s an opportunity for you to get leads or sales at a great low price.

Our MAGNETTYS AI is trained to take advantage of those opportunities.

We can even tell her how much more are we willing to go over budget to acquire those cheap leads and sales.

It kind of feels like a top broker that gets the most bang for your bucks at the stock market!

So these two AI capabilities will both save you time, and make you more profit right off the gate.

They need human intervention only to set your initial parameters, and once that is done, the artificial intelligence do its job, better than any human could do.

This is not something that will come in the future months. Is already here, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars and producing extra sales and leads for the companies that decide to use our AI in their marketing.

And we haven’t even talked about how our MAGNETTYS AI look for your next best clients.

If this is something that you will like us to be using in your marketing, set a discovery call with us.

We will discover if we are a good fit for each other and explain what you can expect from our AI. Book your discovery meeting with Flycer here.

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At the end of the call you will get a better understanding of your current digital sales and find opportunities you might tap into to grow your business this year.

step 3 - Let's execute the plan together

Based on the Discovery Call, and if we are a good fit for each other, we prepare you a Blueprint to create and implement the MAGNETTYS Digital Sales System in your business.