AI Solution for Plastic Surgery Practices

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AI Solution for Plastic Surgery Practices

AN Easy to understand approach for your practice


As a doctor, you know how hard plastic surgery practices are to run.

There’s so many things to do during the day, like educating the customers, compliance with the local and federal laws, keeping up with changed procedures and training, and so many other things.

With such a busy schedule during the day, is hard to prioritize what activities in your business are important. Promoting your practice is one of the most important things, yet overlooked sometimes, that you can do to grow your practice. Of course, you might be thinking:

 “I don’t have the knowledge or the in-house resources to properly handle digital advertisement on my own practice!”.

If that sounds like you, you’re not alone. Most plastic practices, outsource to a third party company their customer generation. But many times, the results are not ideal. Those agencies over promise, but under deliver on results.


With the advent of artificial intelligence, now you have another option on the table. Is all over in the media around the world.

Researchers are discovering applications of machine learning among specializing areas, including healthcare.
Although they are many applications and fields of artificial technology, a new study shows power of AI for lead generation as one of the leading activities where big companies in the US are investing the strongest.



They are modernizing the way they generate customers. That makes complete sense, as marginal improvements in this area boost, lifts and raises the bottom line of your company. 



Plastic surgery practices can now leverage Artificial Intelligence as a new way to generate customers. It takes a radical approach to lead generation and sales, using pattern recognition software. Using enhanced digital advertisement, businesses can find new customers, more often, faster. And closer to their dream customers profile.

One of the key differences with a regular agency, is the scientific approach. Using AI technology, we can see and learn from your past customers, using the field of deep learning, to predict, and matching patients in the market that could be your future opportunities to become a customer.


How does this new solution work to get me more customers?
If you are a serious practice, you are already investing in promoting your practice. Chances are that you are investing in Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, or both.

These, as of today, are the main advertising platforms for companies of any size.
What this platforms don’t do, however, is to optimize the return on investment for YOUR profits. Why? Because that would mean less profits for them. So they optimize their systems so that companies pit against each other. The reality is that, as a result, you end up having a higher bill, and fewer results.

Up until AI, the only way to properly manage your advertising budget was to put a human to oversee and manage your campaigns. But this way of doing things have important drawbacks. For once, a human works 8 hours a day. What happens to your campaigns during the other 16 hours of the day? Even with automated rules, you can’t get a real handle of the campaigns all the time.

Another issue is speed. Think about how the stock market trading was done 30 or 40 years back. It was people who did the trading, right? But today, we have highly advanced systems that can take decisions in milliseconds. That is the difference between a successful trading and a disastrous one. Can you imaging plastic surgeons doing surgery like 30 years ago?

The same is true of your advertising budget. All your budget requires real-time management. Something that a human can’t do. Even if it constantly clicks to refresh the screen. When decisions have to be made in seconds, or fractions of a second, humans can’t do a good job.


But recently created solutions in this field, like cloud intelligence ai, are perfect for these tasks.

How Does It Work?

Using the guidelines provided by you and with our supervision, the Flycer AI system can save you money, by protecting you against overspending, seizing low hanging opportunities for your practice, and optimizing the budget provided by you.

It also outperforms humans in looking for patterns, on “who” can be your next customer. The longer they task it with that mission, the better it gets at finding the best patients for your practice. The ones you define as your dream customer. That produces another benefit, better reviews and reputation as you work and deliver care for your favorite patients. 

What Flycer Can Do For You

We have created and trained our system for the specific and primary aim of lead generation and sales. Our powerful process has one goal: matching practices and patients everyday. With this innovation, the artificial intelligence solution, learns to find your next customer using deep learning. Looking in the data for for specific information and trends in your digital advertising. Like where they are located (area close to your office, or where your clinic serves), their current needs, etc. This virtual process, based on the power of ai in matching patients with your practice means improved results for you.
If you want to become an AI powered company that is great at getting more customers, think of Flycer AI.


We are dedicated to making the complex simple for you. Developed with real time automation and revenue goals in mind, our personalized cloud solution outperforms 9 out of 10 times top Facebook human marketers. And produces an average of 71% more profits than a regular agency. It definitely raises your bar, making your practice more profitable.


Take the AI readiness Quiz and schedule a call with Flycer to discuss the specifics of AI solutions for your practice. You don’t have to wait years to implement AI in your company.

Flycer AI created a solution that is personalized and provide great outcomes. In as little as 1 week, your company can run on AI to higher growth and profits. Get started now.

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Notes: Our solutions work with all the services and treatments related to cosmetic surgery practices, such as:

  • plastic surgery and cosmetic
  • plastic and reconstructive surgery
  • facial plastic and facial plastic surgery
  • orthopedics and plastic
  • orthopedics and plastic surgery practices
  • aesthetic surgery
  • facial plastic surgeon
  • cosmetic plastic surgery: dermal, scars removal, eyelid, and other minimally invasive surgery.
  • surgery procedures and plastic surgery procedures
  • aesthetic practices and dermatology
  • luxurious plastic surgery practice
    orthopedics and plastic
  • reconstructive surgery
  • Any service related to the practice of surgery.

Your company need to be run by a certified plastic surgeon, board certified plastic surgeon, or a certified doctor.
This article does not cover the latest fields of surgery ai, surgical robotics, clinical and medical healthcare, patient and data access, radiology, laser or other areas of research and treatments.

Flycer is focused on AI for patients generation. We believe is one of the areas with most potential for impact and high return for companies.

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