Richard Korf on 2007

This AI Prediction was made by Richard Korf in 2007.


Predicted time for AGI / HLMI / transformative AI:

(Hover for explanation)Types of advanced artificial intelligence: AGI (AI that can perform many tasks at a human-level), HLMI (more advanced AI that surpasses human intelligence in specific areas), and Transformative AI (AI that could significantly impact society and the world)

The answer to the last question is that machines are already stronger and faster than humans, but it may be a long time before they have as much dexterity or generality in their physical abilities.



Opinion about the Intelligence Explosion from Richard Korf:


Flycer’s explanation for better understanding:

Machines are already stronger and faster than humans. However, they lack the dexterity and generality of physical abilities that humans possess. It may be a long time before machines can match humans in these areas.



The future of humanity with AGI / HLMI / transformative AI:


Flycer’s Secondary Explanation:




Richard Korf is an American computer scientist and artificial intelligence researcher. He is a professor of computer science at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and is known for his work on heuristic search algorithms, which are used to solve complex computational problems.