Raphael Bousso on 2015

This AI Prediction was made by Raphael Bousso in 2015.


Predicted time for AGI / HLMI / transformative AI:

(Hover for explanation)Types of advanced artificial intelligence: AGI (AI that can perform many tasks at a human-level), HLMI (more advanced AI that surpasses human intelligence in specific areas), and Transformative AI (AI that could significantly impact society and the world)

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Opinion about the Intelligence Explosion from Raphael Bousso:

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Flycer’s explanation for better understanding:



The future of humanity with AGI / HLMI / transformative AI:

Typicality implies our likely demise in the next million years. But it tells us nothing about whether this will come at the hands (or other appendages) of an artificial intelligence; after all, there is no shortage of doomsday scenarios.


Flycer’s Secondary Explanation:

Typicality suggests that we are likely to face extinction within the next million years, but it does not indicate whether this will be caused by artificial intelligence. There are numerous doomsday scenarios that could lead to our demise.




Raphael Bousso is a renowned physicist and professor at the University of California, Berkeley. He was born in Israel and received his undergraduate degree from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem before pursuing his PhD at Stanford University. Bousso’s research focuses on the intersection of quantum mechanics and gravity, particularly in the context of black holes and the holographic principle. He has made significant contributions to the understanding of the entropy of black holes and the information paradox, as well as the development of the covariant entropy bound and the holographic bound. In addition to his research, Bousso is a dedicated educator and mentor. He has supervised numerous PhD students and postdoctoral researchers, many of whom have gone on to successful careers in academia and industry. He is also a popular lecturer and has given talks at conferences and universities around the world. Bousso has received numerous awards and honors for his contributions to physics, including the prestigious Packard Fellowship in Science and Engineering and the Humboldt Research Award. He is a fellow of the American Physical Society and the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Outside of physics, Bousso is an avid traveler and enjoys exploring new cultures and cuisines. He is also a fan of classical music and attends concerts whenever he can.






Source: https://www.edge.org/responses/q2015



Keywords: Typicality, demise, artificial intelligence.