Neil Gershenfeld on 2014

This AI Prediction was made by Neil Gershenfeld in 2014.


Predicted time for AGI / HLMI / transformative AI:

(Hover for explanation)Types of advanced artificial intelligence: AGI (AI that can perform many tasks at a human-level), HLMI (more advanced AI that surpasses human intelligence in specific areas), and Transformative AI (AI that could significantly impact society and the world)

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Opinion about the Intelligence Explosion from Neil Gershenfeld:

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Flycer’s explanation for better understanding:

The article argues that the current state of artificial intelligence (AI) is not as advanced as many people believe. The author contends that AI is still limited in its ability to understand and interpret complex human emotions and experiences. The article suggests that the hype surrounding AI may be more of a myth than a reality.



The future of humanity with AGI / HLMI / transformative AI:

I find the discussion of killer AI to be a bit (so to speak) silly […]Neither history nor technology support the belief that AI is different from any of the prior revolutions that matured into sigmoids. As before, a combination of hope and fear is appropriate, but neither is grounds for abandoning human intelligence.


Flycer’s Secondary Explanation:

The discussion of killer AI is seen as silly by the author. They argue that AI is not different from previous technological revolutions and that a combination of hope and fear is appropriate. The author believes that abandoning human intelligence is not necessary.




Neil Gershenfeld is a renowned physicist, computer scientist, and inventor who has made significant contributions to the field of digital fabrication. He is the Director of the Center for Bits and Atoms at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), where he also serves as a Professor of Media Arts and Sciences.Gershenfeld’s research focuses on the intersection of computer science, physics, and engineering, with a particular emphasis on the development of new technologies that enable people to create their own digital devices and systems. He is widely recognized as the founder of the field of digital fabrication, which involves using computer-controlled machines to create physical objects from digital designs.In addition to his work at MIT, Gershenfeld has also served as a Visiting Professor at several other institutions, including Harvard University, the University of California, Berkeley, and the Santa Fe Institute. He has authored numerous scientific papers and books, including the influential book “Fab: The Coming Revolution on Your Desktop–From Personal Computers to Personal Fabrication.”Gershenfeld has received numerous awards and honors for his contributions to science and technology, including the prestigious MacArthur Fellowship, also known as the “genius grant.” He is also a Fellow of the American Physical Society and a member of the National Academy of Engineering.Beyond his academic work, Gershenfeld is also an accomplished musician and has performed with several notable musicians, including Yo-Yo Ma and the Kronos Quartet. He is also a frequent speaker and commentator on issues related to science, technology, and society, and has appeared on numerous television and radio programs.









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