Lee Felsenstein on 2007

This AI Prediction was made by Lee Felsenstein in 2007.


Predicted time for AGI / HLMI / transformative AI:

I am one of those who believes that AI will never “surpass” human-level intelligence in a scalar sense.



Opinion about the Intelligence Explosion from Lee Felsenstein:



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The future of humanity with AGI / HLMI / transformative AI:

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Lee Felsenstein is a computer engineer and activist who played a key role in the development of personal computers and the internet. He is credited with designing the Osborne 1, one of the first commercially successful portable computers. He is also a co-founder of the Homebrew Computer Club, a group of hobbyists and engineers who played a crucial role in the development of the personal computer industry.






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Keywords: AI, Human-level Intelligence, Scalar Sense