Kate Alhola on 2015

This AI Prediction was made by Kate Alhola in 2015.


Predicted time for AGI / HLMI / transformative AI:

(Hover for explanation)Types of advanced artificial intelligence: AGI (AI that can perform many tasks at a human-level), HLMI (more advanced AI that surpasses human intelligence in specific areas), and Transformative AI (AI that could significantly impact society and the world)

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Opinion about the Intelligence Explosion from Kate Alhola:

My view is that soft takeoff would take decades


Flycer’s explanation for better understanding:



The future of humanity with AGI / HLMI / transformative AI:

there will be evolutionary ecosystem of AGIs that will limit possibility of evil rogue AGIs.


Flycer’s Secondary Explanation:

An evolutionary ecosystem of AGIs will emerge to limit the possibility of rogue AGIs. This ecosystem will ensure that AGIs are developed in a way that is safe and beneficial to humanity. The ecosystem will evolve over time to ensure that AGIs are always working towards the betterment of society.




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