2023 Is The Year Of AI.
How You Use It Will Make Or Brake Your Business

Win more customers with the power of AI.

Get more calls, appointments and visits to your store, office, practice or service business.
Adapt your business to the “new normal”.

Make sure you have enough customers every single day.

Don’t Let Your Business Die. Revive It With The Power Of AI.

Be Shown At The Right Time

How would it feel to be able to reach your future customers, when they are ready to buy?. Flycer AI put your ads in front of the them, at the right time, when they are most likely to buy from you.  

More Visibility. Multiply Results.

Better quality of your ads means more sales, more clients and more growth for your business. What will your business look like if you could get more of your ideal customers?

Make Every Dollar Count

AI maximizes your results, while minimizing overspend. Is like having a world-class marketer working for you. Our AI work for you 24/7, don’t take breaks and always looks to optimize your marketing investment.


Introducing Flycer AI-Ads

During the COVID-19 pandemic, you need every marketing dollar count. Flycer AI-Ads replaces your ineffective advertising to get you results. A ready-to-go advertising solution powered by AI, to get more visitors, calls and appointments for your business. Big businesses are already using AI to increase profits and outdo competition. We created Flycer AI-Ads to level the plain-field.

generating results for small businesses

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“Just wish I had Flycer from the start about 10 years ago. Who knows how much business I’ve lost over those years without their solutions!”

Til Maneti, Pacific Store Planning

grow your business in 3 easy steps

Boost Your Business With More Calls, Sales And Leads.


STEP 1 - take the quiz

Our AI-readiness Quiz will help you understand if your business is ready to implement our AI to grow your business.

It only takes 60 seconds and will help you discover if you can leverage this advantage for your business.

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If the Quiz result is positive then you can use Flycer's AI for your business.

The next step is to Book a Discovery AI Call with Flycer.

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step 3 - find solutions

The discovery call is a complimentary, no-obligation chat to evaluate if our AI solutions are a good fit for your business.

If they are, we will show you how we can implement this competitive advantage in your business.