Introducing A New Way Of Doing Marketing:

AI-Managed Marketing

Get Clients Faster, More Efficiently And Grow Your Business Predictably By Leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Now Available For Small Businesses

Do You Find it difficult to…

Find New Customers Or Generate Interest For Your Services?

If so, did you know that big corporations are already using Artificial Intelligence to fix that problem?

Now Your Business Can Too.


Leverage AI to grow your small business without investing millions on R&D or hiring a team of scientists.

Don’t Settle For Less

Is Artificial Intelligence Only For Big Corporations?


That’s Why We Created AI Solutions For Small Business Like Yours. So You Can Profit & Grow From AI Too…

grow your business in 3 easy steps

Here’s How You Can Easily Start Leveraging AI For Your Business:


STEP 1 - take the quiz

Our AI-readiness Quiz will help you understand if your business is ready to implement our AI to grow your business.

It only takes 60 seconds and will help you discover if you can leverage this advantage for your business.

Click the button below to take the Quiz


If the Quiz result is positive then you can use Flycer's AI for your business.

The next step is to Book a Discovery AI Call with Flycer.

Feel Free To Schedule Your Discovery Call.

The calendar shows you the available dates and hours in your local time. 


step 3 - find solutions

The discovery call is a complimentary, no-obligation chat to evaluate if our AI solutions are a good fit for your business.

If they are, we will show you how we can implement this competitive advantage in your business.

Tired of Marketing Agencies that don’t generate enough business for you?

Welcome To AI Managed Marketing

If you don’t have a predictable way to get new customers or your current marketing agency is not delivering the results you want, it’s time to change to a new way of doing marketing in your business.

AI eliminates the guesswork out of the marketing process.

Flycer‘s Artificial Intelligence will look for your next new customers wherever they are. We will put in front of them your message, at the right time, to create more customers for you. At a scale and speed that no human can do.

The #1 concern of every busineSs owner now resolved

No More Wasted Spend When You Invest In Your Marketing

If you’re feeling tired of spending your money on advertising that is not producing the results you want, you’re not alone. Business owners struggle to know and understand if there’s a return on your marketing investment. Flycer shows you the figures and helps you understand the numbers. 

No more frustration, no more wondering if you will get your investment back.


In our easy-to-understand reports you’ll easily see how much you’re investing, and how much you are getting back. Besides that, you’ll hear in our client meetings with you how you are doing, new opportunities for your business and strategies to grow. You’ll feel in control of your business growth and have the peace of mind of knowing your business key figures.

Do Your Find it difficult to find new customers or generate interest for your services?

With Flycer’s AI Managed Marketing, And Its Team Working For You,

You Now Have A Solution That Was Only Available To Big Corporations. Now is the time for small businesses like yours to watch your customers come to you and see your business soar.


Business Decision Makers Believe That AI Provides A Competitive Edge For Their Businesses

big corporations and businesses are preparing for the ai revolution. are you?

The Race To Leverage AI Has Started

With the rise of AI, and big businesses are investing billions of dollars to create competitive advantages to defeat other businesses, Including yours.

You can’t afford to look the other way on AI.

Actually, 72% of business decision-makers believe that AI provides a competitive edge for their businesses. The race to leverage AI has started. Deciding NOT to use AI for your business will make you vulnerable.

At Flycer AI, you find a solution that has taken thousands of hours os AI training, and to develop and millions of dollars to train. So your small business can now profit from it from day 1. Without spending hundreds of thousands on R&D or hiring a team of data scientists.

 We do everything for you to leverage AI, and fix the single most important problem in your company: your customer acquisition.

The question you need to ask yourself is: Am I going to leverage on ai and profit from it or will I LET MY COMPETITORS PASS ME BY?

Find Out How Flycer’s AI Solution Will Work For Your Business By Getting A Discovery AI Call